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Characteristics of the Labrador Retriever

How every dog breed behaves, varies, and that is why each kind is different from the other. It is vital for you to understand what you are involving yourself in when you decide to get a Labrador. After reading the article, you will analyze whether the Labrador is the best dog for you.

Being loving is one of the significant characteristics of this dog. It may even be the most affectionate dog breed. It has been known that these dogs are in love with everything. The Labrador still has a wagging tail, and most people laugh when they come across this dogs. You are likely to find that people are using the Labrador Retrievers for their therapy or to offer some help because of their nature of loving everything and everyone.

You will also find this breed to be playful. It is possible to get the labs to fetch a ball for hours continually non-stop. Mentally challenging games are also excellent and enjoyable to them. It is possible to get the right games and toys that are interactive and will serve this purpose. It is recommended to get at least one of these toys to their collection.

Eating is also something that these dogs love to do. Most of the Labradors will eat almost anything. Though this is a good thing; it can also work against them when they at times eat substances that can harm them. It is, therefore, necessary that you contain them and what they are eating.

Additionally, the Labrador Retrievers tend to be energetic. As labs are very energetic, you should ensure that they get enough exercise. Ensuring the dog gets enough exercise will help them both physically and mentally. Tiring the dog out will make them happy. Your dog is prone to getting some health issues if they do not exercise enough due to the weight they gain. It is also good for you to exercise your dog enough as these exercises will be good for you too.

Many individuals who keep these dogs tend to say that their dogs have a sense of humor. Even after they are old dogs, the Labrador Retrievers are playful. In the past, labs were mostly used for retrieving items in the shooting field, and this has given them some distinct features. Their mouth is tender and is capable of taking the fragile items carefully. Moreover, they will tend to like carrying things using their mouth. With the smell alone, it is possible for this breed to track down things. Therefore, the Labrador Retriever is usually sought after by the groups of bomb disposal or the excise authorities. Though the Labrador is a favorite breed, this dog is not suitable for everyone.

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A Quick Overlook of Styles – Your Cheatsheet

Find out What You Never Knew About the Best Custom Clothes.

For you to look awesome there are some things that you need to be appreciated in the right manner. For instance, once in a lifetime, you will find that you will come to have the desire of owning your fittings that you can go to and call it your favorite. You find that when you use these accessories for decorating your home, and ensure that you have the best custom clothes.

Also, the task is done once in a lifetime, meaning that it is not a daily or weekly clothes; therefore you need to ensure that you choose the best. This is because; the materials that are used to make these products are of high quality. There is need to ensure that you get the decors on the clothes to ensure that you can feel proud of it.

You will also find plain accessories on the market as well. You, of course, love a certain image or a certain pattern, you need to ensure that you work with the experts in a great way. Be sure that you look at the websites and see some of the services that are offered at the market. This is because once the weaving has started, the procedure cannot be reversed.

When you are shopping at Custom clothes place, you need to know what you are looking for. If your child is a boy, then that does not mean that you should strictly purchase clothes which are only meant for the gender of your child. If you are worried about going through so much hassle with what you need for both gender, then that should not be our case because it is even easier. In fact, you might not notice it but investing on gender-neutral outfits is the best and affordable way for saving cash. Many body suits sold at the stores are not for a certain gender, but they can suit for both. You cannot buy a neutral-gender attire without considering the color of the outfit you are buying.

Some people think that well-fitting clothes are the best, but in some instance, they are not because they are expensive in the long run. However, the best advice is that you need to settle for a bigger size. There is no need of spending on some money on some attires which could end up spending more than you think. Again, you all know that clothes of small sizes tend to wear and tear very fast especially that skinny and tight swimwear.

A Simple Plan For Researching Accessories

The 9 Most Unanswered Questions about Fashion

Online Classified Ad Posting

I use several tools when promoting my websites – as many of you do as well. However, while all the talk is social media, blogs, SEO and more (and those are all important) – one of the best tools you can use is a free classified ad posting site… all free.

We all know Craigslist and some others, but I find them limiting personally and don’t you hate that “code” that you can barely read as you try to figure out the letters to put in the box? I know it’s an anti spam thing to limit classified ad posts but Craigslist also limits the posts per day and if you have more than a few things to promote – that’s annoying too. Plus they make you pay for job ads. But I’m not writing this to bash them. Online classified ad posting is a good thing and there are good ones.


One of the main reasons why I post and use free classified ad sites is for the linking to my product, affiliate and/or website. The best ad sites allow you to write a nice size ad and let you place a link in the ad. A phone number or address doesn’t work great for me if I’m in New York and the visitor is from Miami Austin Charlotte Cleveland etc. I want them to read the ad and click the link. I also want Google to read that link coming from a piece that is on topic to my niche. I should also note that I am a Search Engine Optimization Consultant. So, I’ve tried it all and linking through ads works.

Google Ranking With Classified Ad sites

Here’s the cool part with using the right classified ad site for posting. If you write the ad well with keywords, the ad itself will show up on Google or Yahoo etc. I’m not just playing for the people on the ad site itself. I’m writing ads on a classified ad site that shows up on Google and gives me a visitor.

Optimizing An Online Ad

The first thing you want to do is create a short title with your keywords in it. Let’s assume I am a plumber in Chicago and I am looking for business and hits to my website (if I have one). I advise not to just put “plumber for hire” or even worse “plumber”. While I may get hits and views from the people on that particular online classified posting site, what I’m really looking for is a good Google ranking for the ad itself. A better title for search engine optimization would be “Chicago Plumber For Hire”. This way, someone in the Chicago area can find a local person (hopefully them) through a Google search, without even being on that classified ad site.

2nd thing is to write at least a paragraph. Google hates one sentence or 2 ads of copy. Search yourself and you’ll see that full copy is what they like. So, you want your ad to be of decent length, have your keywords -yet read well to the reader. Not just gibberish. This also goes for blogging.

Linking With A Classified Ad Post

This is most important and I won’t lie – I have my own successful free classified ad website (it is in my bio) that charges nothing and goes for 120 days an ad and lets you post to 3 categories. BUT, I made sure my customers can link to their site without limitation. It is also SEO friendly, so if you word your ad correctly, you could very well see your ad on Google for 4 months. Linking is huge. You can then copy the ad on other sites as long as they allow the following features that my site and others do and you don’t repeat the same exact ad on the same site. Just mix it up. I want your ad noticed and keep posting.

Promote yourself for free and it’s easy! Best of luck!

Blogs As the Source to Win Your Customer

Blog administrators, offering systematic or non categorized free of charge ad blogs convert their followers, plainly and legally into consumers, by not merely earning money by way of paid adverts but also by getting maximized web traffic through inbound linking these websites back to their main internet sites and enjoying the double dip of profits, at both ends of “Internet marketing”.

The fans of such classified ad blogging websites, become users following legal secret commands, in-laid in these Advertising blogs, by purchasing goods or services of their wishes or plunge push into, “Impulse Buying” Though the fans/consumers of these web-sites may or may not benefit, the Bloggers of such Advert web-sites, alongside monetizing, secure website traffic and potentially better webpage ranks, as a result benefiting from all various directions, losing nothing whatsoever Mixing of Social networking websites into the Marketing blogs, ads “Gravy-On-Top” The word “Subliminal” portrays an affect of “under-handedness”, when dealt with on the surface, whilst marketers have thrived on usage of concealed messaging commands across the history of marketing and advertising, through all Medias. We, the users, were definitely seasoned and guide by bill board promotion, radio, television and magazine adverts, way before the release of net. The internet only inherited us, already educated to follow subliminal instructions and further educate us for same, “One-Notch-Above”

Why attribute the Free of cost Advertisement Blog writers for hidden gains? After all, they couldn’t be succeeded without the assistance of experienced buyer.

To avoid worthless initiatives, in quest for the right site, you’ll be able to educate yourself with a proper guide to proper and focused use of this Method directing you for that proper Cost-Free Classified Ads’ web portals. All web sites, promoting Cost-Free Classifieds, may not offer an equally fantastic match for the advertisement wishes. To grow the benefits through minimized effort, the suggestions may act as a resource to your search.

Look for the well-known “Search engines” such as Google, Yahoo, etc.,for your Free Classified Ads webpage. Make sure that the webpage actually promotes an authentic “Free Classified Ads” section, without demands of any subliminal premiums to open at the end of the posting activity, or some other subscription query connected. Pick a site that boasts the community members.

Choose the web page that offers a huge variety of groups in their Cost-Free Classifieds section, to best explain your product. Look for a web site offering most hassle cost-free Classified advertisement posting strategies, requiring least amount of personal details and login demands. Choose more than one Free Classified Advertisement website for promotion your item for enhanced publicity.

Free Classified Ads from UK

Free Internet Classifieds – Best Advertising Methods and Free As Air

Advertising your business on the Internet can become a very expensive and budget zapping venture especially if you are using pay per click methods. Pay per click is very effective, but with the extreme competition and bidding wars, it can sometimes be too intimidating for the newbie. One way to overcome this initial obstacle is to advertise for free. Free classified ads on the Internet rate on the same level with such things as oxygen, water and everything else that is free in nature.

Some of the great free classified ads sites on line include but are not limited to US Free Ads, Craig list, Kijiji, Spider, NYCWave and many more. These sites provide you with the ability to market your products minus the hassle of thinking about the bills. Some of the features available to help you with placing your ads include ads submitter forms, access from any part of the planet at any time and zero payment plans. Nothing is installed on your computer, you do not have to pay any initial fees and neither are there any recurring charges. You get everything for free.

Free classifieds ads websites on-line are relatively easy to use as they already have forms in place that you just need to fill with your ad information before posting. Most of these sites have premium upgrades that will allow you to add optional features that can enhance your ads. Some of these sites, like Craig list allow HTML linking to your sites while some require premium upgrade for that to happen. Registration is required for most classified ads websites, but there are a few where you can post your ads without the need to register.

Free Internet advertising is not limited to classifieds only. When you construct blogs and book mark your blogs on social bookmarking sites as well as blog directories, you are in essence getting free ads for the products and services on your blogs. To really make the best of this, start by building a well optimized blog with quality content. Make regular posts to your blogs. Each time you post anything new onto your blog, make sure you get exposure by bookmarking and posting your blogs on social marking sites and blog directories.

A press release is like an announcement of a new product and is another form of free advertising that can benefit your organization. With a press release you can create a buzz around what you are promoting. If your press release is up to par, you can post it on most free press release sites. Samples of press release can be found on-line by searching and you can adapt to the templates you come across using them to modify your own original content.

Advertising free on-line seems to be a very good technique for driving traffic. Most people who search the Internet for certain products may not yet be familiar with how ad words work and so may not be looking for PPC ads. They rather will be looking for classified ads since that is what they are used to in the news papers, magazines and other media. Besides, most search engine users are looking first and foremost for information rather than to directly purchase an item. So, in your efforts to boost the bottom line, do not overlook a freely available resource like free classifieds on-line.

A Quick Blogging Overview

So, you’ve heard the rumours about ‘Web 2.0’ and ‘Social Networking’ and the fact that blogs fit in there somewhere and you are scared that you are going to be left behind.

Or maybe you have just heard that blogging is a good idea but you have no idea where to start?

So let us take a look at what blogging is about and how you can use it to

a) promote your company or

b) make some money on the side as an individual with your blog or

c) express yourself on the Internet and build your personal brand

What is a blog?

A blog is nothing more or less than an online diary, with entries appearing on a page in date sequence. These entries are articles, or opinion pieces on a specific topic and are categorized according to subject (Category) and when it was written (Date Archive).

So what is so special about that? And why are blogs classified as being ‘Web 2.0’, or part of the whole ‘Social Networking’ thing?

The answer is that the power of blogging firstly lies in the way that blogs are implemented and then in the power of what is known as ‘citizen journalism’.

Blogs normally run on special blogging software that offers some special capabilities. These include:

RSS feeds: RSS feeds is a way of publishing your content not only on your own blog, but to make your articles available for publication on other websites quickly and easily. This means that every time that you write about something, there is a chance that your article or entry will end up published on potentially thousands of other websites. Just think of the exposure!
Commenting system: This is the powerful mechanism that exists to enable you to enter into communication with your blog readers – these could be existing customers, potential customers or just innocent bystanders! Every time that you write something on your blog, anyone who reads it has the opportunity of leaving a comment. Other people can then reply on that comment in turn with their own comments. In this way you involve your potential customers in the conversation.
Tagging and pinging: This is a mechanism that enables you to send out notifications to the blogosphere (other parties who blog) every time that you create a new blog entry. You can also identify your blog entry to be about specific topics (tagging your posts). This will attract more people to your blog since you explicitly tell them what your post is about.
All of these features together give you a powerful mechanism to communicate with customers and potential customers and to drag yourself or your company into the world of Web 2.0.

If you or your company has not started blogging yet it is high time that you investigate the power of blogging and get maximum exposure for your business. Setting up a blog for your business is one of the best things that you can do to attract new visitors to your website. But before you start – just remember that you will have to regularly maintain your blog! There is nothing worse than a blog that does not get updated regularly.

Top Ten Ways to Manage Profit at Your Online or Community Pharmacy

An online or community pharmacy must be carefully managed for optimum profitability; occasionally, changes to business processes and marketing strategies should be implemented in order to open up new streams of income, while also improving the success of promotional activities. If you’re looking for ways to make more money through your drugstore, you’ll appreciate these top ten tips for managing profit:

10.) Diversify- Open up your business to new customers by adding holistic herbal products to your inventory. For example, if you currently sell OTC pain relievers, prescription medications, and conventional health aids, why not begin offering your clientele herbal supplements that treat health care conditions in a more holistic way? There is a big market for alternative medicines, and herbal remedies are now more popular than ever before.

9.) Cross-Sell -Make the most of your inventory by using cross-selling techniques to bundle related products. For example, if you’re running an online pharmacy, make sure that your checkout area is programmed with sections that show complementary items. “Bundle” vitamins with delicious herbal teas, prescription medications with special pill boxes that help people to keep their tablets organized, and so on. Offering a few percent off the total price on cross-sold goods is an excellent way to add appeal to this sales technique. People often buy impulsively at the checkout, so cross-selling is an excellent way to boost your profits quickly.

8.) Use Social Media- Create a buzz by promoting your pharmacy on the hottest social networking platforms, such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Pinterest. If you promote properly, the investment of time and energy that you put into reaching out to customers at these websites will definitely pay off. Add photos, blog posts, status updates, and special offers to tempt new buyers, and always respond to any feedback as soon as possible.

7.) Analyze Your Sales- Successful health care entrepreneurs never rest on their laurels; instead, they stay on top of things by analyzing their sales numbers and figuring out exactly which products are most appealing to their clients. To offer people what they really want, check all of your sales records to pinpoint buying trends. Then, consider offering different versions of the items that people buy the most.

6.) Target Your Ideal Customer- Business research doesn’t stop with sales analyses; you must also use market research to profile your ideal customer. Knowing who’s buying from your pharmacy is the key to marketing effectively and stocking your drugstore properly. Use client information to find out where your ideal customer lives and what his or her needs are. Then, market to that demographic or segment.

5.) Become an Expert- Position yourself as an expert in the pharmacy world by writing articles about pharmacy products, offering health care advice, or speaking to your local community. Becoming an expert builds your public profile and creates more trust and rapport with new and existing clientele.

4.) Create a Smart Phone-friendly Website- Today, many shoppers check out businesses online before they buy, and they often use their smartphones to browse the World Wide Web. If your pharmacy website isn’t compatible with a range of electronic devices, including smart phones, it’s time to hire a web development firm that knows how to create a smart phone-friendly environment at your url.

3.) Freshen Your Website Graphics- Nothing is more unappealing than a dated, dusty-looking website that doesn’t have any of the bells and whistles. If you don’t freshen up your graphics to stay current, your customers will soon lose interest. The best pharmacy entrepreneurs know how to adapt to change and keep things interesting; these savvy owner/managers always outsource for the hottest new web design graphics.

2.) Build More Interactivity into Your Pharmacy Web Pages- Whether you’re selling pharmacological products from a community or online pharmacy, you must still offer a business website that acts as a virtual calling card for your company. By building more interactivity into every web page on your website, you’ll create the right atmosphere for success. Hire a web design firm and ask them to add sharing buttons for social media, comment fields, and message boards to boost the appeal and interactivity of your website.

1.) Support a Charity- Your pharmacy is all about the health and wellness of your clients; with this in mind, why not support a charity that also promotes these values? By joining with a reputable and registered charity and donating money and/or time, you will create plenty of publicity and lots of goodwill towards your company. Often, donating to charity is much cheaper than paying for ads, and it’s so fulfilling. Meet prospective clients at local charity events, or donate online and enjoy a better public image that will build your brand.

How Much Does a Pharmacy Technician Earn?

Average earning of a particular profession is perhaps one of the most important parameters that help you decide in favor of or against it. And why shouldn’t it be? Who wouldn’t like to take back home decent wages at the end of a hard day’s work? After all, money plays a vital role in shaping the standard of your life. It is important for securing your family’s and your own future. So, whoever said money should not be a consideration while choosing a career has probably never lived without it.

If you are exploring a pharmacy technician career, then this question must be at the top of your head. We’re here to help answer some of your questions regarding how much they earn on an average.

However, before we get into details about pharmacy techs pay, it’s important to understand what the job entails. Because just like money is important, so is enjoying what you do for a living!

Pharmacy Technician Career

Let’s start with what pharmacy technicians can’t do or rather are not supposed to do. They are absolutely forbidden from giving medical advice to patients who visit their pharmacies. They are not qualified to do so; hence they should resist the urge to not just offer medical advice, but also guide patients on what medication may work better for their condition irrespective of how knowledgeable and experienced they think they are.

Although the duties and responsibilities of a them may vary depending on the type of facility they’re employed in, but in general their day-to-day work involves:

Receiving prescriptions and verifying them for accuracy
Filling prescription medications and labeling them correctly
Preparing intravenous mixtures under supervision
Assisting the pharmacist in inventory management
Answering telephone queries from patients
Storing drugs in a safe and secure manner
Maintaining patient records for reference
Preparing and processing insurance claim forms
Interfacing with customers who visit the store
Operating cash register at checkout
Pharmacy Technician Training

It’s best to start training for a pharmacy technician career in high school itself by taking courses in math, biology, chemistry, computers, etc.

Once you’ve laid the ground by taking appropriate courses in high school, you can choose between a college degree and a vocational pharmacy technician course offered at career schools. A college degree will require a minimum of two years for completion, while a career training course can be completed in a matter of few months.

What’s important is to get certified at the end of your academic study or pharmacy technician training program. Although certification is a hundred percent voluntary, having it just enhances your credibility and with it your job prospects. Certifying examinations are held by organizations like the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) and the Institute for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians (ICPT).

Pharmacy technician training should ideally include hands-on experience working in a pharmacy. This training could be incorporated in the curriculum of your pharmacy technician program or you may have to request for an intern position at your local pharmacy.

Pharmacy Technician Pay

The exact earnings of a pharmacy tech depend to a great extent on not just the type of facility he or she is employed in, but also other factors like:

The average hourly wages of a pharmacy technician range from $8.03 – $15.56.1 Those who work for a franchise may earn between $7.86 and $13.87 per hour, while pharmacy techs employed in hospitals take home about $9.49 – $19.02. 2

When it comes to experience-level, pharmacy techs with less than one year of experience earn $7.68 – $13.36 per hour, while those with 5-9 years of experience make $9.17 – $17.27 per hour.3

Pharmacy Technician Schools – Things You Should Know

Being a pharmacy technician is quite demanding especially since you are supposed to have enough knowledge of all the types of drugs available, including the latest ones. Also, you have to understand the current laws governing this profession. It is also a must that you understand the existing insurance practices. So, for you to succeed in this career, you have to find the best pharmacy technician training schools. Having enough training before you venture into this industry will help you to cut an edge over the others. Training is also important because it gives you enough skills to do your work well.

So if you really want to become effective in your work as a technician in the medical field, you have to study hard and acquire all the necessary skills. The good thing is that there are many pharmacy technician schools that provide quality training. But before you join any institution for a course in pharmacy technology there are several important things that you have to aware of. Once you have understood these aspects it will be easier for you to become the technologist that you have always wanted. This passage strives to provide you with some of these aspects so that your search for the right institution can be successful.

Points to Note about Pharmacy Technician Schools

• Thorough preparation: Because of the demanding nature of this job, it is imperative that you get enough exposure before venturing into the industry. You have to familiarize yourself with the requirements for this task. This can only be achieved through formal training in a good school. These institutions are important in preparing individuals who wish to venture into this challenging field of medicine. You have to note that even though pharmacy technicians are in demand, more qualified technologists are very much needed.

• Accreditation: If you wish to become a more reliable technologist, you should and must have the right accreditations. These include things like certificates, licenses, recommendations, approval, and so on. The truth is that you cannot get these accreditations without having undergone proper training. Therefore, you should always ensure that the pharmacy technician schools that you consider are credible enough to give you good certificates. Always go for the well established institutions because they are more reliable. Remember, if you do not get the right certificates you won’t the right job.

• Earn more: Having enough training in a credible institution gives you confidence to work in any kind of environment. This in turn gives you a chance to prove your experience to your employers, giving you a better chance of being promoted or given a pay increment. These schools will help you to gain experience in pharmacy technology and thus become the most sought after technologist in your state.

All About Pharmacy Technician Schools

In many countries today, healthcare industry employment continues even while other industries falter, making a health service job a good choice for anyone considering a new career.

Pharmacy technician jobs are one of the main positions seeing drastic increases with hiring expected to increase as much as 25 percent over the next few years. This is a great opportunity for anyone with good attention to detail to consider a career as a Pharmacy Technician or `PT`, especially since it is possible to complete certification programs at reputable pharmacy technician schools in as little as two years and get into a well-paying job soon afterward.

Different Types of Pharmacy Technician Schools

In the US and Canada, some PT jobs do not require any certification or schooling although most do. Those who have schooling and certification are definitely preferable for positions, however, making schooling something that anyone looking at a career as a PT should consider very seriously.

In all likelihood, more jobs will move toward requiring certification as well, so skipping the education may reduce job hire and advancement opportunity.

Pharmacy Technician education is available in programs that last anywhere from 6 months to two years or more, depending on the depth of training.

Like many other medical training and technical programs, the shorter programs give a basic, fundamental overview of what to expect on the job and general education relating to basic pharmacology, pharmacology law, pharmacology records, inventory, labeling, ordering and many other relevant topics to working in a retail pharmacy environment.

Courses and diploma programs

Students that attend the shorter programs usually earn a Pharmacy Technician Certificate for completion of the program, but have no actual approved certifications.

Longer courses offered by schools include specialized diploma programs and Associates Degree courses that last between about 12 months to 24 months.

Diploma programs are great for students who already have some healthcare service experience and want to move into a position as a PT, as well as those entering the field new.

Study usually includes all that is mentioned above, plus pharmacology in more detail, dosage calculation, mixing medications and others, and usually includes an externship to prepare students to take the certification exam. Students completing a diploma course and passing their certification exam will earn the title of Certified Pharmacy Technician or CPhT.

Associates in Health Sciences with a PT specialty takes two years and is recommended for any individual if there is an interest in both obtaining a college degree, and being able to advance the fastest in their career.

Courses of study are much more in depth and include additional medical subjects. Externships are a required part of the curriculum, as is passing the certification examination. Those with their CPhT and an AS degree stand the best chance of being hired in non-retail pharmacy technician positions, and starting at the highest salaries.

Accredited vocational program

In the UK and many other countries a pharmacy technician is required to complete both an accredited vocational program in pharmacy services and a pharmaceutical science program, and must be registered with numerous UK healthcare organizations.

Courses of study include that which is mentioned above, as well as medicines management for patients and training in running and assisting in hospital clinics and more.

Please note however, in the UK there is a difference between a pharmacy technician and a pharmacy dispenser, with the former having more vocational and educational requirements.

Interested individuals are advised to contact local professional organizations in order to get additional details about attending school to become a PT such as which are the best courses and whether they offer job placement and financial aid.

In the US, contact the American Association of Pharmacy Technicians (AAPA) or the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB), in the UK contact the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPC) and in Canada the Canadian Association of Pharmacy Technicians (CAPT) to name a few.

Employment After Attending PT Schools

There are actually many more employment opportunities for PTs than most people assume. While the majority of jobs are in retail pharmacy positions there are much more specialized career options for pharmacy techs with the right training.

Hospitals, medication manufacturing and packing companies, medication compounding pharmacies, nursing homes, psychiatric facilities and any type of medical facility that either fills medication prescriptions or dispenses medications directly to patients make use of pharmacy technicians.

These positions can be very rewarding, and tend to pay more as well. Certain qualified technicians also have the ability to counsel consumers and patients on the use of their medications, as well as answer medication questions.

In any case, attending schools that offer the most detailed training and externships, and prepare students to become Certified Pharmacy Technicians are highly recommended for anyone interested in a career in healthcare services that pays well and offers plenty of room for advancement.